timegrid Developer Documentation


Current Project Version: v3.6.0-rc1


The Developer Documentation is currently only available in english version.

What is timegrid

timegrid is a simple online service reservation platform.

As an intermediate party, it allows businesses (service providers) and customers to handle bookings through the web.

The application intends to be simple to use and flexible enough to adopt a variety of industry sectors.

Supported Devices

timegrid is a web application that mediates between businesses and customers to let them handle service reservations.

You can use it from

  • your PC
  • your tablet
  • your mobile phone



  1. Register once on the website
  2. Setup your services
  3. Publish your availability
  4. Done! You can start giving out appointments


  1. Register once on the website
  2. Suscribe to the desired business
  3. Make the reservation for a desired service
  4. Done! They are waiting for you